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The Ultimate Review of the 5
Best Work Boots For Roofing in 2023

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Best Roofing Boots
cougar paws boots for roofers
Cougar Paws Peak Series Performer Roofer Boots
Best Roofing Shoes
vans low top shoes for roofers
Vans Men's Low-top Sneaker for Roofers
Best Waterproof Roofing Boots
Carhartt waterproof ankle support roofing boots
Carhartt 6 Inch Waterproof Work Boot

Choosing the proper work boots for roofing is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your safety and comfort. With countless options flooding the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

This blog post simplifies this task by outlining five of the best work boots for roofing, highlighting their features, pros and cons, providing guidance on maintenance tips, and ensuring you make an informed choice.

Let’s step into a world where style meets function!

Importance of Choosing the Right Work Boots for Roofing

Choosing the proper best roofing boots is crucial for roofing contractors’ safety, comfort, and durability in their demanding profession.

Safety on the job

On a roofing job, safety is paramount, and your work boots play a crucial role. Wearing the proper boots can significantly reduce the risk of injury. High-quality roofing shoes protect against various hazards, such as falling objects, electrical risks, and harsh weather conditions.

For instance, Carhartt boots are ideal for jobs involving electrical dangers because their composite toe offers an additional shielding layer. Proper footwear that provides a reliable grip dramatically decreases the chances of slipping or falling off rooftops.

Therefore, investing in superior work boots enhances security on the job by providing necessary foot support while dealing with adverse working conditions like steep roofs or rainy weather.

Comfort for long hours

Work boots designed for roofing ensure prolonged comfort on the job. With extended hours often spent in challenging and physical conditions, the best boots for roofing can offer support without causing foot fatigue.

Quality work shoes such as the WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot and the Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot protect your feet and provide a cushioned fit that eases discomfort over extended periods.

For roofing contractors, investing in footwear designed for their trade means prioritizing safety and comfort. The best shingle or metal roofing boots incorporate design elements like breathability and ankle support to maximize all-day ease.

Thus, choosing comfortable work boots ensures you focus on delivering top-notch service rather than dealing with painful distractions from ill-fitting footwear.

Durability for tough conditions

In the rugged world of roofing, your boots take a beating. They endure harsh weather conditions, constant movement, and impact from heavy materials. This is why durability ranks high in the list of features for the best roofing work boots.

High-quality footwear withstands these challenging conditions and lasts longer, providing value for your investment. A sturdy construction using robust materials like full-grain leather adds resilience to endless strain during roof work.

Reinforced stitching prevents wear and tear, while steel or composite toe protection defends against damaging impacts. Consider abrasion-resistant soles that resist quick wearing-out – especially crucial when walking on roofs made from rough shingles or metal surfaces.

Therefore, investing in durable boots means fewer replacements and more safety over time on various types of roofs.

contractor on the roof in his roofing boots.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Work Boots for Roofing

When choosing work boots for roofing, it is essential to consider factors such as slip resistance, toe protection, waterproofing, ankle support, and breathability.

Slip resistance for steep roofs

The specially engineered rubber wedge outsole is crucial when picking work boots for roofing tasks. This unique sole design offers outstanding grip on steep roofing surfaces, helping you stay stable and minimize the risk of falls when working at elevated levels.

Choosing boots with high-quality, slip-resistant rubber soles is essential for maintaining secure footing, even on slick surfaces. When shopping for a pair, focus on options that feature durable rubber soles with superior traction capabilities to ensure your safety on challenging roof slopes.

Toe protection from falling objects

Steel toes are not the only safety feature when buying work boots for roofing. Toe protection from falling objects is crucial for keeping your feet safe on the job. Look for boots with alloy safety toes, as they are designed to protect your feet from impacts by heavy objects.

Whether it’s a tool or a piece of debris, these boots will provide extra protection and keep you safe while working at heights. Pay attention to this important feature when selecting the best boots for roofing.

To ensure maximum toe protection, make sure that the work boots you choose have met relevant safety standards and certifications. These certifications indicate that the boots have been tested and proven to offer sufficient protection against falling objects.

Waterproofing for rainy conditions

Waterproofing is crucial when working on a roof, especially in rainy conditions. Rain can quickly soak through non-waterproof boots, leaving your feet wet and uncomfortable throughout the workday.

On the other hand, waterproof boots provide a protective barrier against moisture, keeping your feet dry and reducing the risk of blisters and foot problems caused by prolonged exposure to wet conditions.

It’s important to note that not all boots labeled as “water-resistant” are suitable for heavy rain or prolonged exposure to water. Look for boots designed explicitly with waterproof materials and construction techniques to ensure maximum protection in rainy conditions.

Ankle support for stability

Good ankle support is crucial for stability and injury prevention in roofing work. When working on steep or sloped roofs, boots with good ankle support provide the stability to prevent slips and falls.

Boots above the ankle offer even more support and protection for the foot and ankle. In the dangerous and physically demanding job of roofing, where one wrong step can lead to severe injuries, having proper ankle support is essential.

Choosing work boots with ankle support, you can maintain stability and reduce the risk of ankle injuries while working on roofs.

Breathability for comfort

Breathable work boots are crucial for those in the roofing industry, as they help maintain foot comfort by keeping them cool and dry during extended work periods. When your feet are at ease, it allows you to concentrate better on the task at hand, free from distractions.

Boots that offer a blend of safety features and comfort, including good air circulation, are an excellent choice. Opting for footwear with effective breathability can significantly improve your comfort level, making your workday much more pleasant.

Prioritize comfort when selecting your work boots!

Top 5 Work Boots for Roofing 

Quick Recommendation

Take a quick recommendation from our product list, or scroll down for more detailed reviews.


Ultimate slip resistance, durability and moisture-wicking technology for roofers tackling tough jobs.


  • It is explicitly designed for roofers and provides superior grip and traction on steep slopes.
  • Features a patented traction grip technology that helps prevent slips and falls on wet or slippery surfaces.
  • Made with durable materials to withstand harsh working conditions and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, allowing for all-day wear without discomfort or fatigue.
  • Provides added ankle support to help prevent injuries while working at heights.
  • It offers a stylish design that can be worn on and off the job site.

Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots are a top-tier choice for roofing contractors who value comfort, durability, and safety. These boots boast full-grain leather that imparts incredible resilience to wear and tear while keeping moisture at bay. The unique vented exterior is designed to wick away sweat effectively, ensuring your foot dries quickly, making it an ideal companion for long hours on the roof.

These performer boots embrace design intelligence with their redesigned outsole, providing a more balanced fit, which significantly reduces foot fatigue. This means you can comfortably tackle extensive roofing jobs without compromising productivity or risking safety with tired feet slipping off the roof edges. Their protective finish further allows easy cleaning after a grueling workday—another testament to their thoughtfully designed, user-friendly features that earned them the No. 1 spot on our list.

Regarding accessories like Peak Line Replacement Pads (sold separately), these Cougar Paws boots have compatibility covered, enhancing longevity and performance efficiency in challenging worksite conditions. Anecdotal evidence from experienced professionals confirms that these are a worthwhile investment due to their ability to deliver practicality and reliability without sacrificing style—a rare combination in most contemporary roofer boots offerings.


  • Protective finish for easy cleaning: The Cougar Paws Peak Series Performer Roofer Boots are designed to make cleaning fast and easy. This means you can spend less time worrying about dirty boots and focusing more on your roofing job.
  • Durable full-grain leather upper: The upper portion of these boots is made from full-grain leather, known for its exceptional durability. This means that your boots will be able to withstand even the most demanding conditions, keeping you protected while on the job.
  • Vented exterior for moisture-wicking: The vented exterior of these boots helps to wick away moisture, ensuring that your feet stay dry throughout your roofing projects. No more uncomfortable, sweaty feet – these boots will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.
  • Breathable inside boot lining: These Cougar Paws Boots feature a breathable lining that helps keep your foot dry and comfortable during any roofing job. Say goodbye to soggy socks – with these boots, you’ll have fresh and dry feet all day.
  • Rubber sole for excellent grip: The rubber sole of these roofer boots provides excellent grip, giving you stability and traction on slippery surfaces. With this durable outsole, you can confidently climb roofs without worrying about slipping or falling.
  • Overall BenefitsWith Cougar Paws Peak Series Performer Roofer Boots, not only will you have a boot designed for comfort but also built to last in the harsh conditions of roofing work. These features ensure that you’ll be safe,


  • Protective finish makes cleaning fast and easy
  • Full-grain leather is durable and keeps moisture out
  • The vented exterior helps to wick away moisture and dry the boot quickly
  • Breathable lining keeps the foot dry and comfortable during roofing jobs


  • Sizing may be inconsistent and may run smaller than expected.
  • The protective finish on the boots may wear off quickly with regular use.
  • The rubber sole could be more durable and may wear out quickly.

This boot is perfect for roofers who need a long-lasting and protective tooling quality construction shoe – thanks to its full grain leather, vented design, and rubber sole. Get your Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots today and confidently take on the toughest roofing jobs!

Recommendation & Testimonial:

“As an experienced roofing contractor, I cannot stress enough how Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Boots have revolutionized my workday. The patented grip technology and durable full-grain leather provide unparalleled safety and longevity, while the vented design keeps my feet comfortable even during the longest shifts. These boots are an absolute must-have for any professional roofer.” – Patrick Profita – General Contractor


A tried and true classic shoe for roofers with its exceptional traction and grip on all types of surfaces.


  • Low-top sneaker design for a versatile and stylish look.
  • Made by Vans, a reputable and well-known manufacturer of footwear.
  • Available for men in a wide range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Lightweight construction for comfortable all-day wear.
  • Durable materials are used to ensure long-lasting quality.
  • Classic design that never goes out of style.

The Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneaker ranks number two on our list due to its robust and durable design, ideal for roofing contractors. Made with a canvas upper and vulcanized gum rubber sole, these sneakers offer an excellent grip that can help prevent slips or falls when working on roofs. The unique waffle pattern of the sole provides extra traction, adding to its safety features. The impact-absorbing padding ensures comfort throughout the day while reducing fatigue from prolonged standing or walking.

These Vans shoes are not just functional; they’re also stylish. The sleek black-on-black design pairs well with any work attire and can transition seamlessly from work to casual wear after hours – perfect for those unexpected site-to-client meetings. Furthermore, their low-top structure allows easy movement without hindering agility, which is essential in the ever-changing environment of roof construction sites.

Despite lacking specific roofing-oriented features like steel toe caps or puncture-resistant soles found in typical work boots, these Vans Men’s Low-top Sneakers have proved their worth time and again among roofer contractors who prioritize flexibility alongside safety. With this balance between function and style coupled with a reasonable price point (providing excellent value), it is evident why we rank them as number two in our list of viable footwear for roofing professionals.


  • Vulcanized sole for extra grip: The vulcanized sole on these Vans Men’s Low-top Sneakers provides exceptional traction, allowing you to navigate any surface confidently. Whether you’re walking the city streets or hitting the skate park, this feature will keep you steady on your feet.
  • Gum rubber sole for durability: With a gum rubber sole, these sneakers are built to last. This material offers superior durability and can withstand daily wear and tear without showing signs of damage. You can trust that these shoes will stay in great shape no matter how often you wear them.
  • SPD studs connection for cycling versatility: These Vans low-top sneakers feature SPD studs connections, making them ideal for cyclists. You can easily attach your cycling cleats to enhance power transfer while riding. This allows you to go seamlessly from the bike path to casual outings without needing additional shoes.
  • Rubber sole for impact protection: The rubber sole on these sneakers provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints with every step or jump. Whether you’re exploring new trails or participating in sports activities, this feature ensures that your feet stay protected and comfortable throughout.
  • Imported canvas materials for style and quality: Crafted with imported canvas materials, these low-top sneakers offer a stylish look and top-notch quality. The canvas is known for its breathability and flexibility, providing a comfortable fit that molds to your foot over time. Plus, the imported design adds a touch of uniqueness to your footwear collection.


  • Increased traction and grip with the vulcanized sole
  • Great traction on all types of roof types.
  • Durable gum rubber sole for long-lasting wear
  • Compatibility with SPD studs for versatile use in various activities
  • The stylish black canvas design adds versatility to any outfit


  • Limited color options, only available in black
  • Some customers have reported that the shoes can be uncomfortable for long periods of wear
  • Canvas material may not be as durable or supportive as leather or synthetic materials
  • Feet can get hot on dark colored roofs on hot and sunny days.

This stylish and comfortable Vans Men’s Low-top Sneaker is perfect for the no-nonsense, trendsetting guy who wants to look good while still getting it done. This shoes has been a popular choice among roofers for decades!

Recommendation & Testimonial:

“I have been in the roofing business for years, and I highly recommend using Vans Low-Tops. They provide all-day comfort and the perfect grip you need for working on a roof. Moreover, they look stylish enough to wear to a client meeting. If you’re looking for a blend of style and function, then Vans Low-Tops are a must-have for any roofer.” – Tyler Kohlmann – Goebel Roofing & Siding


Waterproof and comfortable work boots for hardworking roofers.


  • Waterproof: These work boots are designed to keep your feet dry in wet and rainy conditions.
  • Soft toe: The soft toe design provides comfort while still offering protection for your feet.
  • 6-inch height: With a 6-inch height, these boots provide ankle support without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Wedge sole: The wedge sole offers excellent traction and stability, making these boots ideal for slippery surfaces.
  • Durable construction: Made by Carhartt, known for their quality workwear, these boots are built to last.
  • Stylish design: These boots have a rugged yet stylish look, perfect for both work and casual wear.

Carhartt Men’s 6-inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot is a powerful ally for roofing contractors who value comfort, durability, and safety on the job. Crafted with high-grade oil-tanned leather uppers, these boots are designed to withstand rigorous conditions while ensuring complete ground contact with their dual-density Carhartt rubber outsoles. One of the standout features for regular rooftop workers is its Storm Defender Waterproof Breathable Protection technology that keeps your feet dry in wet environments without sacrificing air circulation.

With electrical hazard protection standards (ASTM f2892-18 EH) met by these non-safety soft toe boots, they offer secondary defense against incidental electric contacts. The cushion comfort insole reduces foot fatigue significantly – an essential attribute when spending hours on rooftops. Moreover, Goodyear welt construction guarantees a prolonged boot lifespan, which makes it a cost-effective investment for those in heavy-duty occupations such as roofing.

We rank this product as No.3 because although it demonstrates great utility and versatility that match the requirements of most roofing contractors, there are options with added features like steel-toe protection or thermal insulation that perform slightly better overall in our rankings. Despite this positioning, the Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Boots remain a strong choice given its impressive combination of strength, comfort, and well-rounded performance above most work footwear categories on the market today.


  • Goodyear welt construction with Carhartt Rubber outsole: This feature ensures the durability and longevity of the work boots. The Goodyear welt construction creates a strong bond between the sole and the upper, preventing them from coming apart easily. The Carhartt Rubber outsole provides excellent traction, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains without worrying about slipping or falling.
  • Cushion comfort insole: Say goodbye to tired and achy feet! The cushion comfort insole of these work boots provides exceptional support and reduces foot fatigue. Whether you’re standing all day or walking long distances, your feet will remain comfortable and pain-free.
  • Storm Defender Waterproof Breathable Protection: Don’t let wet conditions hinder your productivity! These work boots are designed to be completely waterproof, keeping your feet dry even in the most challenging weather conditions. The breathable membrane also allows for airflow, ensuring comfort while preventing sweat buildup.
  • Electrical Hazard (non-safety soft toe): Safety first! These work boots provide secondary protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits of 18,000 volts or less under dry conditions. You can have peace of mind knowing that these boots prioritize safety without sacrificing style or comfort.
  • Soft Toe: Not every working environment requires protective safety toes, but you should still strive for quality footwear. These soft-toe work boots are perfect for environments where protective safety toes are not needed or required. They offer all the benefits of a durable and comfortable boot without unnecessary features.


  • Waterproof construction keeps feet dry in wet conditions
  • The cushion comfort insole provides support and reduces foot fatigue
  • Electrical Hazard protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits
  • Soft toe design for environments where safety toes are not needed or required


  • Some customers have reported that the boots may be a bit heavy, which can cause discomfort or fatigue after extended wear.
  • The soft toe design may not protect those working in hazardous environments requiring safety toes.
  • A few customers have mentioned that the waterproofing feature may wear off over time, leading to less effective water resistance.

This Carhartt Men’s 6-inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot is perfect for the active and hardworking individual looking for a reliable waterproof boot that will keep their feet comfortable and protected. Get your pair today to take on any job!

Recommendation & Testimonial:

“As a contractor, I find the Carhartt 6-inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boots to be a total game-changer. These boots are not only stylish enough to wear off the job site, but they also keep my feet dry in wet conditions and offer a level of comfort and support that makes a long workday much more manageable. I highly recommend these boots to anyone in the contracting field.” – Mike Just – Construction Manager


Durable and Waterproof Roofing Work Boot for Long Hours of Use


  • 6″ Boot height for ankle support and protection
  • Wedge sole design provides exceptional traction on various surfaces
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting wear
  • Designed specifically for men’s sizing and fit
  • Package dimensions offer convenient shipping and storage
  • Available in multiple sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all wearers

As roofing contractors, you know that a sturdy and comfortable work boot is vital for your daily operations. The Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot checks all the boxes for ideal footwear in this line of work. Crafted with premium full-grain leather, these boots are designed to withstand the wear and tear of challenging job sites while keeping feet dry in most wet conditions thanks to their waterproof construction.

Timberland has implemented an anti-fatigue technology into the design of these boots, distributing pressure evenly across your feet and providing support where it’s needed most: the heel and ball. This technology can be an absolute game-changer on those long days on the roof when comfort is critical. Moreover, having Goodyear welt construction combined with a rubber outsole ensures durability and reliable grip on various surfaces- crucial for ensuring safety during high-risk tasks.

But it continues; Timberland understands that protection against electrical hazards could also be essential for specific jobs. Hence, they have ensured these boots meet ASTM f2892-18 EH standards, providing secondary protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits up to 18,000 volts under dry conditions. In short, whether you’re braving rainy weather or laboring under a blazing sun on rooftops—the Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot provides comfortable support without compromising style or safety.


  • Goodyear welt construction with Carhartt Rubber outsole: The Goodyear welt construction ensures durability and long-lasting wear, while the Carhartt Rubber outsole provides excellent traction on various surfaces. With this combination, you can confidently tackle any work environment without worrying about slips or falls.
  • Cushion comfort insole: Say goodbye to foot fatigue with the cushion comfort insole of these boots. It provides exceptional support and cushioning, keeping your feet comfortable all day long. No more sore feet at the end of a hard day’s work!
  • Storm Defender Waterproof Breathable Protection: Don’t let wet conditions ruin your workday. These boots feature Storm Defender technology that keeps your feet dry by providing complete waterproof protection. At the same time, it allows air flow and circulation to keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Electrical Hazard (non-safety soft toe): When working around electrical circuits of 18,000 volts or less under dry conditions, safety is paramount. These boots offer secondary protection against incidental contact with electrical hazards, giving you peace of mind while focusing on your tasks.
  • Soft Toe: In environments where protective safety toes are unnecessary or required, these boots are perfect for added comfort and flexibility without compromising on quality or style. Enjoy unrestricted movement throughout your workday without sacrificing safety standards.


  • Waterproof and breathable membrane keeps feet dry in wet conditions
  • The cushion comfort insole provides support and reduces foot fatigue
  • Electrical Hazard protection against incidental contact with electrical circuits
  • Goodyear welt construction ensures durability and longevity


  • The boot may not provide enough support and cushioning for those who require extra comfort for all-day wear.
  • Some customers have reported that the boot sizing runs large, leading to a less secure fit.
  • The rubber sole may wear down quickly on rough or uneven surfaces.

This boot is perfect for anyone looking for a durable, comfortable work boot that offers waterproof protection. It’s ideal for construction workers, builders, carpenters, or any other job requiring long hours of wear and tear on the feet. It provides excellent arch support to reduce fatigue, and its soft toe prevents accidental contact with electrical circuits. Get your pair today and start tackling tough jobs in comfort!

“These Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boots are a staple in my roofing gear. They offer the perfect blend of durability, comfort, and safety features like electrical hazard protection. I can trust these boots to get me through long, demanding days on the job while keeping my feet dry and comfortable.” – Lonnie Young – Commercial Roofing Foreman


Durable and comfortable construction boots for hardworking men.


  • Moc toe design for a classic and stylish look
  • 6″ height provides ample support and protection for the ankles
  • Durable construction to withstand harsh working conditions
  • Made by Wolverine, a trusted and reputable manufacturer of work boots
  • Suitable for men in various industries or outdoor activities
  • Available since September 2008, indicating its proven popularity and longevity

The WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot is a top-notch footwear solution for roofing contractors. This robust and comfy boot features classic Goodyear welt construction, ensuring exceptional durability and flexibility that is essential on the work site. Crafted from 100% leather, these boots provide all-day comfort paired with a springy rubber midsole to reduce foot stress.

These boots aren’t just about comfort; they’re also designed with practicality in mind. The moc-toe design offers additional room for movement, thus avoiding cramped toes during long working hours. Highlighting contrast stitching adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to its rugged design while maintaining its functionality intact. Moreover, the sole is significantly treaded for good traction on diverse surfaces – an important feature when you’re up on rooftops or traversing slippery loading docks.

Wolverine’s legacy dates back to 1883 and continues strong today, thanks to its commitment to innovation, superior materials, and timeless craftsmanship. Their advanced technologies, such as Wolverine Durashocks, enhance shock absorption capacity, making these shoes ideal even on challenging terrains or under heavy loads – routine scenarios in a roofer’s day! Overall, the WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot combines durability, protection, style, and, most importantly, comfort at your feet – literally!


  • Crepe outsole: The crepe outsole of the WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot provides superior traction and durability, ensuring that you can confidently navigate any construction site. It offers excellent grip on various surfaces, allowing you to work safely and efficiently.
  • Breathable fabric lining: The breathable fabric lining of these boots keeps your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day. It allows air to circulate freely, preventing sweat and odor from building up. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, sweaty feet during long hours on the job!
  • Moc-toe design with lace-up vamp: The moc-toe design adds a classic touch to your outfit and provides extra room for your toes, enhancing comfort during extended wear. Coupled with the lace-up vamp feature, these boots offer a customized fit that ensures optimal foot support.
  • Contrast stitching: The contrast stitching on these boots adds visual appeal and reinforces their overall durability. This attention to detail ensures they withstand rugged conditions and continue looking stylish even after prolonged use.
  • 100% Leather construction: Crafted from high-quality leather, these boots are built to last. Leather is known for its strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for harsh working environments. With proper care, these boots will continue to protect your feet while maintaining their sleek appearance season after season.


  • Durable 6″ construction boot designed for men
  • Moc toe design adds a stylish touch to the boot
  • Crepe outsole provides excellent traction and grip on various surfaces
  • Breathable fabric lining ensures comfort throughout the day


  • Some customers have reported that the crepe sole on the WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot wears down quickly and may need to be replaced sooner than expected.
  • The honey color of the boot may show scuffs and scratches more quickly than a darker color option.
  • A few customers have mentioned that they found the fit of these boots to be slightly narrow, so those with wider feet may need to size up or find a different style.

This rugged WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boot is perfect for the hardworking man looking for protection and comfort. It has durable leather, contrast stitching, and crepe sole and can handle any job site condition. Take your day confidently in these reliable boots – get them today!

Recommendation & Testimonial:

“As a construction worker, I’ve worn many boots over the years, but these WOLVERINE Men’s Moc Toe 6″ Construction Boots stand out. They offer the right mix of durability and comfort, and the moc-toe design gives my feet the space they need during long hours. These boots are a solid investment for anyone in the construction industry.” – Tim Snyder – Roof Inspector

roofer cleaning his boots

Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Work Boots for Roofing

To keep your work boots for roofing in optimal condition, remember to clean and dry them properly after each use, inspect and repair any damage regularly, store them in a dry and ventilated area, and consider resoling options to extend their lifespan.

Proper cleaning and drying after each use

To maximize the lifespan of your work boots for roofing, it is crucial to practice proper cleaning and drying after each use. By removing dirt, debris, and moisture, you maintain the integrity of your boots and ensure optimal job performance.

After a long day’s work, take a few minutes to wipe down your boots with a damp cloth or brush to remove any accumulated dirt. Additionally, occasional cleaning with a water-based cleaner and nylon brush can help keep your boots in top condition.

Remember that frequent washing can damage the material and shorten its lifespan. Once cleaned, allow your boots to air dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat sources.

Regular inspections and repairs for any damage

Regular inspections and repairs are essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of work boots used in roofing. By conducting regular inspections, you can identify any damage or wear and tear that may compromise the safety and effectiveness of your boots.

This includes checking for loose stitching, worn-out soles, or any other signs of deterioration. Promptly addressing these issues through timely repairs ensures that your work boots remain reliable and durable throughout their lifespan.

Remember to inspect all parts of the boots thoroughly, including the toe protection, ankle support, and slip-resistant features. By prioritizing regular inspections and repairs, you can maximize the lifespan of your work boots while ensuring optimal safety on the job.

Proper storage in a dry and ventilated area

To maintain and extend the lifespan of your work boots for roofing, it is crucial to store them correctly in a dry and ventilated area. This helps prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold, mildew, and deterioration of the materials.

Ensure your storage space is clean and free from any accumulation of materials that could potentially damage or contaminate your boots. Additionally, regularly inspect the floors and walkways in the storage area to ensure they are in good condition to avoid any accidents or damage to your boots.

By following these simple storage practices, you can ensure that your work boots remain in top shape for extended periods of time.

Resoling options to extend the life of the boots

When the soles of your work boots start to wear out, don’t rush to buy a new pair. Instead, consider resoling as an option to extend their lifespan and save money. Resoling involves replacing the worn-out soles with new ones, giving your boots a renewed grip and durability.

This can be done by professional cobblers with the expertise and tools to effectively perform this task. By opting for resoling, you not only extend the life of your boots but also reduce waste in landfills.

So next time you notice worn-out soles on your work boots, consider resolving them as a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution that keeps you safer on the job site for longer.


In conclusion, choosing the proper work boots for roofing is crucial for safety, comfort, and durability. After careful research and consideration, we have identified two top recommendations: Cougar Paws Peak Series Performer Roofer Boots and Vans Men’s Low-top Sneakers.

These boots provide excellent traction and protection on steep roofs and offer style and comfort for long hours on the job. We highly recommend investing in these quality work boots to ensure a successful and safe roofing experience.


What are the best boots for roofing?

The best boots for roofing depend on the roof type, such as metal roofing, flat roofing, or shingle roofing, and include features like safety toe protection and traction optimized for working on roofs.

Are there specific work boots designed for walking on roofs?

Yes! The market offers specially designed work boots ideal for walking on steep and icy shingle roofs or those optimized uniquely for roof work.

Can I use hiking boots for commercial roofing tasks?

While some types of hiking boots can be used, it’s usually recommended to get specifically engineered shoes designed as the best boot choice for commercial roofing jobs due to their specialized features.

What is important in choosing work boots if I am a roofer in winter conditions?

If you’re doing your roof job during the winter season, go with specially insolated work footwear: preferably choose from the category of best winter boot models explicitly curated for high performance under wintry conditions.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s best-rated workboots for roofs?

Certainly! Men’s and women’s feet differ anatomically, necessitating distinct designs – so you should find an assortment tailored specifically by gender while searching through categories tagged under ‘best rated.’

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