“Clean Trucks, Clean Equipment, Clean Employees and Clean Homes!”

SimpliHome was started with a few reasons in mind. The primary reason being that the home maintenance industry needs a more professional presence. There are far too many companies out there who have not caught up with the times. They do not have a good web presence, customer service, trustworthy employees, nor a customer friendly way to schedule services. The industry relies heavily on poor customer service because demand is so strong, long gaps in service windows and a take it or leave it attitude. Finding a company that cares about it’s customers are far and few between.

SimpliHome saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the home maintenance industry and customers. We pride ourselves on meeting the demands of customers looking for a quick and reliable service with a few clicks of a button. SimpliHome provides a unique and hassle free experience to it’s customers, which makes it a popular choice among home owners.

On Time

Honest Pricing

No Upselling

5-Star Rated

air duct cleaning service owner standing by truck with thumbs up


“Get your day back!”

It is our core belief that if you provide excellent customer service, a reliable/ friendly service, add some transparency and then the trust will follow. A business will flourish with strong core beliefs that aren’t centered around profit. We believe if we do these 4 things well, it will lead to a greater experience for both the customer and the technicians. SimpliHome is not focused on profits because we know if we provide a unique and exceptional experience at the customer level that the rest will follow. We do not believe in high or exorbitant prices. We believe in transparency and honesty with our customers. Every home owner should have the opportunity to enjoy a maintenance free home!

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