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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Delafield, WI

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a locally trusted air duct cleaning Delafield, WI. SimpliHome provides you with a FREE air duct cleaning Delafield quote and a hassle-free experience when booking your appointment with our company. Give our professional air duct cleaning team a call at 262-289-1035 to get scheduled today. We are experiencing rapid growth due to our excellent customer reviews so call us today or be left in the dust!

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Best Air Duct Cleaning Delafield

SimpliHome cleans all types of home air ducting in the Delafield, Wisconsin area. Whether you own a single-story ranch, two-story colonial home, tri-level, bi-level or any other style of home, then we have the right equipment and experience to take on your air duct cleaning job. Cleaning air ducts is not a DIY job or a job for fly by night companies if you want it done properly. Trust our experienced team of professional duct cleaners to give your home the air quality it deserves. Still not convinced then read it from our extensive list of customers in Delafield that reviewed our company and used our service recently.

Friendly Customer Service

When you contact SimpliHome, you can expect all your questions and concerns to be expertly answered by our friendly customer service team. Our company understands you may not know all the information about air duct cleaning so we are here to make the process simple for you! SimpliHome excels at customer service, and it is the focal point of what makes our company highly sought after.

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Expert Air Duct Cleaning Delafield

Duct cleaning should only be done by licensed, bonded and insured professionals who have a great understanding how ducting systems work in your home. Therefore, SimpliHome knows how to navigate each and every type of ducting system to guarantee a great cleaning every time. Residents of Delafield, WI have unique and diverse HVAC ductwork and having the right company perform the job is crucial to a successful cleaning.

Our technicians complete a lot of training and studying before they are allowed to work alone in your home. They are well prepared to take on and air duct system they encounter. Understanding our air duct cleaning process and passing our trial period is a must for all duct technicians.

Our Values & Duct Cleaning Equipment

By equipping our technicians with the right equipment, they are set up for success to clean your air ducts right from the beginning. Our NADCA approved equipment is some of the best on the market and is specifically chosen to give your Delafield home the best air duct cleaning possible. It is our promise that you will get a high-quality cleaning when you work with SimpliHome.

Reasonable Pricing

We understand that this is an investment into the hygiene and air quality of your home. Therefore, we use a reasonable pricing model based the square footage of your home.. All our pricing is crystal clear and there are no mysterious fee’s. Do not let those other substandard air duct cleaning companies in your home who will nickel and dime you to death or bait you in with extremely low prices! We are not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive, but we are the most truthful in the Delafield, Wisconsin local area.

Air Duct Cleaning Delafield Service Area

Reasons to Get your Delafield Ducts Cleaned

Why it's important

Recently Remodeled

Drywall dust is terrible to breath in!

New Home Purchase

Get your former owner stench out!

Dusty Home

Dust constantly cycles through your furnace!

Severe Allergies

Pet dander affects indoor air quality!

fully transparent cleaning process

before & after photos in Delafield, Wisconsin

photos Presented after job completed

air duct cleaning in the village of Delafield, Wisconsin before & after photo
Michael Guenette
Michael Guenette
Patrick was on time and very efficient! Will definitely use him again!!
Ryan Schaefer
Ryan Schaefer
Very professional and thorough. Well worth the money.
Andrea Wisor
Andrea Wisor
Patrick was very professional explained every thing that he was going to do I had my dry vent cleaned out. I’m going to use him in the near future to clean the air ducts .
Joy Lindsay-Koltun
Joy Lindsay-Koltun
Patrick performed dryer vent cleaning for my condo and the condos in our building. He provided professional services and was very prompt and courteous. Thanks Patrick!
Air duct cleaning.
Angela Loch
Angela Loch
Patrick was incredibly professional, on time, extremely thorough and did excellent work! We first hired SimpliHome to clean our dryer vents which made a massive difference in our dryer—it had been burning fabric because it was running too hot. He also noticed that our dryer was pushed back too far (from a flooring job we had done) causing it to smash the flexible dryer tubing. He recommended we replace that to help with safe venting. We used SimpliHome again a month later to have Patrick clean our duct work. He noticed extra debris by our furnace from a previous job and offered to show us how to clean it out so that part of the furnace wouldn’t get clogged. We definitely will not use a different company in the future because SimpliHome with Patrick went perfectly. He took before and after pictures and walked us through what he saw and how he improved it with cleaning. He was also transparent, honest, and very easy to communicate with and get ahold of. I feel like most of the companies we hire for various maintenance jobs are always just subpar; but the work Patrick did was excellent.
Barbara Reed
Barbara Reed
Very professional!
SimpliHome Air Duct Cleaning Van & Owner Posing Outside of Customer Home In Delafield, WI

Our Guarantee

Family owned & Operated

SimpliHome was founded on the principles of providing a superior customer experience. We have built our reputation and are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations from day one! Read our reviews if you don’t believe us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Price factors and ranges for an air duct cleaning in Delafield, Wisconsin include:

  • Square Footage of home.
  • # of Furnaces & Trunk Lines
  • Price ranges from $425-$1000 for a complete and proper air duct cleaning.

5-7 Years

It also varies from home to home and factors include:

  1.  How long has it been since the last cleaning?
  2. Do you have pets and children?
  3. Do you keep up with the cleanliness of your home?
  4. Does your home have a lot of clutter?
  5. Have your carpets, drapes and furniture been cleaned?

One give away is how often you are changing your furnace air filters! 

Also watch out for:

  1. Dusty vent covers.
  2. Recently had construction performed on your home.
  3. Funky smells when your furnace is on.
  4. You find rodent dropping’s around your furnace.
  5. It’s been more than 5-7 years.

Cities, Towns & Villages We Service in Wisconsin

Big Bend, WI

Brookfield, WI

Chenequa, WI

Delafield, WI

Dousman, WI

Eagle, WI

Elm Grove, WI

Genesee, WI

Hartland, WI

Lannon, WI

Menomonee Falls, WI

Merton, WI

Mukwonago, WI

Muskego, WI

Nashotah, WI

New Berlin, WI

North Lake, WI 

North Prairie, WI

Oconomowoc, WI

Okauchee Lake, WI

Ottawa, WI

Pewaukee, WI

Saylesville, WI

Summit Corners, WI

Sussex, WI

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Vernon, WI

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