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Air Duct Cleaning- Finally a Company Doing It Right!

The air duct cleaning industry is notoriously ripe with scams, criminals, and poor customer service. A local entrepreneur from Brookfield, WI looks to change the perception of the industry one customer at a time. “All it takes is honesty, transparency, a smile and some respect for customer’s homes.” Founder & CEO Patrick Profita

BROOKFIELD, Wis., December 9, 2021 (Newswire.com) – SimpliHome Air Duct Cleaning, a highly rated 5-star locally owned and operated air duct cleaning company, today informs local Waukesha County residents that the days of worrying about air duct cleaning scams and treating you and your home poorly are now finally coming to an end. The company uses a completely transparent cleaning process and a customer service-based approach to put customers minds at ease.

It is widely unknown that the air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning industry goes extensively unregulated by state and local laws. Therefore, this means that there is no oversite and no barrier to entry to the industry. Since the bar is set so low, this oversite welcomes individuals from criminal backgrounds to enter the industry without any repercussions of scamming customers out of their hard-earned money. Customers are left with empty pockets and a job that was poorly completed.

The implications of these scams leave consumers concerned about who they can trust to hire to clean their air ducts & dryer vents properly.

Local entrepreneur, Patrick Profita, Founder of SimpliHome, informs us that,

“I started SimpliHome to help alleviate these concerns in the industry and to bring some trust back into people’s homes. We are fully aware of the fraud in the business, and we chose to enter this business because we saw an opportunity to do it better than everyone else. I refer to these types of industries as ‘Industries in Distress,’ and it’s our job to bring some peace of mind to customers.”

SimpliHome has been preparing its entry into this business for many years to address these concerns and has the customer reviews to back up their claims.

“Building a successful business starts with building trust with your clients.” Patrick Profita- Founder of SimpliHome

 Here is what SimpliHome does differently:

  • Transparency throughout the process
  • Answer all questions honestly
  • Explain the cleaning process
  • Provide fair prices
  • Show up on time to the job
  • Do the job well
  • Show before & after photos
  • Maintained equipment
  • Clean uniforms
  • Background-checked employees
  • Be a resource and bring value
  • Show up with a smile!

Founded and based in Brookfield, WI, SimpliHome is a highly rated, locally owned air duct & dryer vent cleaning company that prioritizes its customers’ satisfactions above all else. The company prides itself on honesty, transparency, exceptional work and building strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. SimpliHome has the customer reviews to prove that their vision and commitment to a distressed industry isn’t going unnoticed.

Patrick Profita
Founder & CEO


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