How do you know your dryer vent is clogged?

5 Signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned include:

  1. Clothes are not drying in one cycle.
  2. Dryer randomly shuts off during a cycle (safety feature on newer model dryers).
  3. Clothes are still damp, smell musty after a cycle.
  4. Clothes are hot to the touch and dryer is extremely hot.
  5. No air flow on the exterior dryer vent.

These are the main indicators that your dryer vent is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

There are other tell-tale signs also that include:

  1. Your dryer alerts you that your vent is clogged. (Newer models)
  2. Energy bills have gone way up
  3. Water is dripping under your dryer or water is found in other parts of the home where the dryer ducting is routed.
  4. Exterior dryer vent is full of lint.
  5. More than 1 year since your last laundry vent cleaning.
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Who do you call when your dryer vent is clogged?

Industries that services dryer vents are air duct cleaners, standalone dryer vent companies and HVAC companies. HVAC companies will be the most expensive!

  1. Do a local Google Search for this term: “Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me”
  2. Click on the Google Map that appears and see a list of companies and their reviews.
  3. Choose a company with a lot of great reviews.
  4. Look at their before and after photos.
  5. Submit a quote request or call them directly.
  6. Ask what kind of equipment they use
  7. Be prepared to know where your dryer vent is on the exterior of your home. IE: Roof or Ground level.
  8. Prices for laundry vent cleaning vary based on location in your home and obstacles to overcome to get the vent cleaned. They typically range from $100-$300.

Generally, most dryer vent cleaning companies can get to your home in about a week or two. If it is an emergency, then some companies will come out sooner for special circumstances.

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